Pre-convention Workshops

Noon-3 p.m. Thursday, March 1


Covering Controversy on Campus – $40
When it comes to crime, budgets and controversial policies, many student journalists may not have access they need to tell the story. Whether it’s covering sexual assault, campus crime, conceal and carry laws, budget issues or athletes, campus authorities tend to be closed-mouthed when it comes to information. Investigations are always tough, but doing an investigation that is critical of campus administration, faculty or staff can lead to attacks and conflict and even threats of shutting down a student newsroom, a class or a faculty member. And, how do you handle it, when your own media outlet has become the news? Two veteran advisers will share their experiences and share how you can get access to records, and how good reporting will open doors for you.

Creativity Boot Camp – $40
We typically think of creativity as an external force that we don’t control or an artistic talent that we don’t have. The reality is that creativity is a procedural, programmable characteristic of problem solving. It is a habit, and as such, creativity can be trained. We can improve creatively. Creative Boot Camp author Stefan Mumaw and Creative Director Kevin Fullerton are going to prove it to you. They will not only show you what makes us all creative and what simple changes in our creative lives can have the greatest effect, they will run you through a series of creativity exercises that prove a few small steps will have you generating ideas in greater quantity and quality. 

Google Tools – FREE
Think you know it all when it comes to using Google Tools? You may know some, but there are many features and tools you may have never seen or realized how they’re useful for journalists. In this hands-on session, you’ll take a deeper dive into tools to tell stories in new ways, verify news, build maps and more. Tools covered include Advanced Google Search, Google Image search and verification, Google Trends and Google MyMaps. NOTE: Participants should have a free Google/Gmail account set up in advance and bring their laptop to the session. Sponsored by Society of Professional Journalists and Google News Lab.

How to Marry Words and Visuals for Great Storytelling – $40
Strong projects start with great research and even better planning. This pre-convention workshop features a recent NPPA Photojournalist of the Year and multiple Edward Murrow award winner Steve Rhodes of WTHR-Indianapolis. Former award-winning newspaper reporter and Ball State Daily adviser Lisa Renze-Rhodes leads the discussion on how research and project planning are keys to great storytelling. Learn the tools to make visual and verbal work together and take your stories to the next level.

Managing the 21st Century Newsroom – $40
It’s not enough anymore to just worry about your section editors working with their reporters and photojournalists to produce solid content in your newspaper and online. It’s still that, but now you have to lead a newsroom that provides news to its community in so many different ways — print, online, Facebook and Facebook Live shows, Instagram, Snapchat, all of which you’re Tweeting out to get those eyes on all your prizes. Then you’re engaging your community in partnerships and public forums on issues that are pertinent to your campus. And you’re doing all that with smaller budgets in a time where you’re accused of providing fake news to the public. And you wouldn’t miss it for the world, because it’s the only place you want to be. Let’s sort all this out and provide you with a compass to guide your attempts to guide your newsroom in the next year.

Monetizing Your Media Organization (Advisers Only) – $40
Fewer newspapers and fewer ads to pay the bills? Those national ads just aren’t there anymore and the local/on campus advertisers question readership and return on investment. What’s an adviser to do? We will spend the afternoon taking about different ways to find print advertisers and find new products that bring results for the customer. This goes way beyond print and delves into things like social media marketing and management, native advertising and sponsored content, niche publications and other revenue streams. Advertising sales are not down, just spending in a lot more different products that didn’t exist 5-10 years ago.

Solutions Journalism – $40
It is often said that journalists are the watchdogs of society – they hold governments accountable for their actions, they expose, they investigate. Solutions journalism allows journalists to also be guide dogs by delving into responses, how they work, how effective they are and if they can be replicated in other communities.

This three-hour hands-on workshop is designed to empower student media advisers, editors and reporters with the tools necessary to cover stories on their campus and in their communities through a rigorous solutions journalism framework.

VR Journalism is Here: Learn How to Fly 360 – $40
Participants will get a VR overview and start experimenting with hands-on, immersive storytelling; using inexpensive 360 degree video cameras (Insta360 Nano, Kodak SP360 4K, Ricoh Theta S and Samsung Gear 360) as a way to test and upload their VR scenes shot on site. Participants will work in groups of four. Each participant must bring a laptop and tripod (or monopod). Cameras will be provided.